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Book a demo to experience a highly interactive and engaging visitor platform - that allows visitors a unique involvement with brands and other visitors!

We can provide you and your clients with insights into what good ‘Hybrid’ looks like and see how you can provide a truly memorable event on Zoom for 300 + people by adopting the best of TV formats & technologies. 


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2020 has transformed the way that we collaborate and interact, giving us all a mandate for change.

As virtual experiences and remote collaboration become the norm, we are partnering with our clients to enable smarter working and effective audience engagement at all levels.

Award-winning enso encapsulates the best from physical events and digital experiences to deliver a range of immersive virtual destinations and hybrid events that will engage audiences in a new way.

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Uses for enso:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Campus worlds for corporate engagement
  • Brand destinations
  • Immersive secure workshops
  • Fan based entertainment events
  • Seminars

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Case Studies

The World Indigenous Forum
The aim of the WIF platform was to demonstrate the capabilities of a virtual event&nbsp...

The World Indigenous Forum

The aim of the WIF platform was to demonstrate the capabilities of a virtual event that can expand, scale and grow.  

Through this unique platform, its users (investors, entrepreneurs, indigenous communities and Corporate entities) will be able to explore the possibilities of business in a new light and raise the indigenous voice to the forefront of the global agenda.  

This virtual platform will not only give the user the ability to join talks, workshop critical issues but it will enable the creation of a marketplace to explore products, ideas and opportunities.   

Most importantly the online event will provide a unique meeting ground for the Council90 to discuss, agree and sign a manifesto setting the roadmap for 2021 & an ideal space to meet & network.  This virtual 3D world will propel the WIF into a future that can reach everyone in the world outside a physical event as was the norm.

Due to the flexibility of the platform, this can be redesigned with the same functionality. For example, rather than the event being in the forest, the event could be in a high tech architectural building. The 3D environments can be altered to fit the needs of the client or brand.

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