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Sam Lebens
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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All-in-one Event Management Solution

Helping data-driven event planners automate and optimize event efforts while providing outstanding attendee experience.

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Azavista is an international organization headquartered in Amsterdam with global offices in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, and Singapore. Our team is composed of experienced professionals spread around the world, who dedicate themselves to supporting our clients and the extended Azavista event community. Our passion is to use technology to solve long-standing frustrations of event and conference professionals. Through the years, we’ve worked to achieve our goal of providing a truly all-in-one event solution. Today, we’re the world’s most comprehensive event technology company!

We are on a mission to help teams from all over the world to craft better and more engaging events. Our company provides event planners with the right tools that they’ll need when working in any event type.

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The Azavista virtual events solution offers seamless integration with your preferred conferencing platform. With our powerful tool stack, event planners can work on their entire online event process in one single place, from the promotion to the execution and the management. At the same time, they have the option to utilize our Engagement App, which ensures attendees’ are interacting through features like networking, instant meetings, surveys, quizzes, or polls. Plus, our solution allows event planners to have all their valuable delegates- and attendee data consolidated in our secured Azavista Event CRM!

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