Taking live events to virtual

Joined by Josh King of EMC3 this Insights Session looks at how to effectively transfer an in person live event into an engaging virtual one, discussing the key considerations.

The new era of hybrid events

Join us as we set out to define exactly what a hybrid event is, explore how to deliver them successfully and look to what the future may hold for hybrid

Sponsorship in the new era

In this fantastic session with Melissa Berry we discuss how we re-invent sponsorship, monetisation and activating rights holders within virtual and hybrid events.

Humanising virtual and hybrid experiences

In this fantastic session with Karen Kadin and Simon Boniface from Brands At Work we discuss how you can break out of broadcast mode to build community, create energy, excitement, maximise engagement and bring audiences together.

Productivity, stress management and achieving a work life balance in a virtual world

We delve into the new challenges around remaining productive, work life balance and managing stress remotely with expert Laura Capell-Abra, Founder of Stress Matters. Laura also shares her top tips and key actions to follow to ensure you achieve the right balance during this critical period and beyond.

Creating truly Immersive experiences within the new world of virtual and hybrid

In this incredible Knowledge session we sit down with Immersive master minds behind Secret Cinema, Unbound and Mesmer to discuss what immersive really means and if it is still possible whilst not in person. They share their incredible recent projects and how experiences have adapted to the new virtual format and the key rules you should follow in order to create a truly immersive experience.

The cutting edge of innovation within virtual and hybrid event technology

And you thought you knew what technologies were out there? In this session renowned industry Futurist, Amelia Kallman, shares her insights and recommendations for the latest trends, new tech innovations, and what key platforms will be shaping the way we deliver and interact with content and events going forward.

‘Rules of virtual Engagement with Dax Callner’

Discussing the new engagement principles, ROI/ ROE, tactics and what the future holds. Join me and Head of Strategy at Smyle, Dax Callner as we expose the common pitfalls when planning an ‘engaging’ virtual experience. We also look at new techniques, strategies and technologies that promise to deliver superior ROI and ROE for both virtual, and moving forward into hybrid events.

Distant Leadership: inspirational leadership and effective management that drives company culture in a virtual world

For all those who manage a team, run a business or just want to learn from some incredible content…this is a must listen. Join me along with the MD of TRO, Amelia Shepherd, Founder of EMC3, Alistair Graham and Global Internal Comms and People Engagement lead for Publicis Sapient Iggy Harris to hear how some of the biggest agencies and business are overcoming the challenges faced from remote leadership, digital only colleague communications, and a zoom bound company culture!

Sustainable futures and the unknown environmental impact of virtual and hybrid events

During this brilliant session, Selina Donald, Founder of the Bulb and I discuss the shocking hidden impact from switching to digital. How our actions as we progress into hybrid events could change the future of events, for better or for worse, and some easy wins to make sure you are not only contributing to positive change but your business is too.

Experience over education within Virtual and hybrid events? The changing future of event management careers.

In this eye opening session we hear how experience trumps education when it comes to roles relating to Virtual and Hybrid events. Hellen Fullerton of Natwest Group and Laura Kelly, Director at Live Recruitment and I look at how the barrier to entry for the industry is shifting, what this means for event professionals upskilling, and the future skills needed within the events industry.

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